University students in Canada create human-sized dog beds

Plufl is a human-sized dog bed
Plufl is a human-sized dog bed Photo credit: Instagram: Plufl

Two university students in Vancouver have developed the ultimate relaxation tool - human-sized dog beds.

British Columbia University students, Noah Silverman and Yuki Kinosuta, came up with the idea to create a dog bed for humans after seeing their local coffee shop owner's dog sleeping in a custom-made bed. According to the Daily Mail, the pair thought: "Why shouldn't people have this too?"

Silverman and Kinosuta pitched the bedding idea to, and to the students' surprise, people pledged US$290,657 (NZ$449,172) towards their concept.

According to the product's website, the 'Plufl' has been created "to provide the optimal napping experience".

In a video shared to their website, the duo said: "The Plufl is not only extremely cosy and comfortable, but it also makes you feel secure and safe."

The 'Plufl' has become popular on social media, with the co-founders racking up 2.5 million likes on their TikTok business account and 79,000 followers.

The human-sized dog beds are priced at US$400 each (NZ$618.10) and are made of orthopaedic memory foam and faux fur.