Gucci launches luxury 2022 Pet Collection for fashion-forward furry friends

Gucci Pet Collection 2022 campaign
From leashes and collars to food bowls and carriers, the Gucci Pet Collection presents a full range of items for dogs and cats - but at an eye-watering cost. Photo credit: Gucci

If you love to dote on your doggo and have the cash to splash, well, look no further - Gucci has launched a lavish collection designed especially for our furry friends.

Once upon a time, celebrities actually accessorised with their animals - back in my day it was quite commonplace to see paparazzi pics of Paris Hilton carting a small dog in her arm, or in a capacious tote while running errands.

But alas, the times have changed - whereas pets once made the perfect accessory to an owner dripping in designer duds, the animals are now the ones wearing the pants - Gucci ones, of course. They even have their own accessories, for God's sake.

If not put off by the barking mad prices, fans of the 2022 Gucci Pet Collection can get their paws on US$7500 made-to-order pet beds; US$500 leashes in a range of colours; US$220 branded AirTag holders; US$895 bowl-covering cloches; US$4050 pet carriers featuring the iconic Gucci monogram; and 'travel bowl sets' complete with a carry case emblazoned with the interlockings Gs, priced at a cool US$4250.

If canine costumes and toting a chihuahua in a Louis Vuitton carry-all weren't boujee enough, passionate pet-owners can now also match their poop bag carrier - US$460 - to their Gucci purse. What a world we live in.

Owners can also spring for some rather fetching ensembles, from monogrammed cashmere sweaters to coats to fluffy wool hats and cotton T-shirts, all in a variety of fun prints, patterns and colours. Additionally, the line of apparel features a range of snazzy collars one can also match to their waste bag holder. The possibilities are endless.

To advertise the new collection, the Italian luxury fashion house - headed by Alessandro Michele - released a whimsical ad campaign last week featuring some very modelesque mutts, with basset hounds, corgis and dachshunds sporting the new line. Cats also took part in the action: adorned with gold pet tags, the fashion-forward felines posed aloofly next to carriers and food bowls - complete with clawed feet, the classic Gucci pinstripes and a cloche.

"Uncovering ever-surprising ways that the House's codes can be reimagined, the wide-ranging selection of items designed for dogs and cats is presented in a new campaign envisioned by Alessandro Michele and captured by Max Siedentopf," the fashion house announced on its Instagram.

"Inspired by Gucci's underlying vision of individuality - even when it comes to the pets among us - each animal's personality comes to the fore against backgrounds colored in bold hues.

"Through the House's high-quality craftsmanship and signature motifs, practical pieces for a pet's everyday life express a wonderful aura. From raincoats and sweaters to leashes and collars, the new selection of items, and the ways in which they bring out personality are highlighted in the new campaign."

Describing the collection on its website, Gucci says the products aim to continue "the narrative of surprise and delight that defines the Gucci Lifestyle selection", with the collection infusing "the everyday with a magical aura".

"Unveiled in a colourful, retro-inspired campaign, the pieces allow each animal's personality to shine as an ode to the Creative Director's vision of individuality."

The pet collection's luxury offerings are "crafted from animal-free raw materials that are primarily from sustainable, renewable and bio-based sources", the House added.

Although unleashing the interlocked Gs into the market of high-end pet couture is a first for Gucci, other fashion houses have already made their mark in the space, with the likes of Prada, Valentino and Louis Vuitton experimenting with pet-wear in the past.

While the collection has been released in New Zealand - with a number of items already out of stock - it appears only a limited range of the products have been made available. The leashes are not currently listed, the pet beds are not yet able to be purchased, and only select apparel is in stock - so no fluffy hats for Kiwi pooches this winter.

As per the Gucci website, a wool jumper will set you back NZ$750, food bowls are priced at NZ$1045, and poop bag holders are around the NZ$685 mark.