How to paint your home while being mindful of the environment

  • 28/07/2022
  • Sponsored by - Resene

Renovating your home can often create a lot of waste with leftover wood, plastic and even paint.

Paint is one of the most common DIY products used when giving your home a makeover, but have you ever thought how the leftover paint is affecting the environment?

Here are five tips to paint your home while being mindful of the environment:

  1. Use Environment Choice approved products

  2. Choose Sensitive Choice approved paints

  3. Buy a Resene testpot this month

  4. Use the squeeze and seal method

  5. Recycle your empties

Interior designer Shelley Ferguson talks to AM about Resene's environmentally friendly paint and how homeowners can give back to our forests. Watch the video above to learn more. 

Take a look at Resene's extensive range of Environmental Choice approved paints.

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