Internet loses it over new McDonald's crème brulee pie - but is it coming to NZ?

  • 12/07/2022

Kiwis are losing it after it was revealed Australia is getting a crème brulée flavoured McFlurry and pie. 

The pie contains crème custard and burnt caramel bits wrapped in crispy pastry, while the McFlurry has all the best bits of a crème brulée dessert swirled into the iconic vanilla soft-serve and drizzled with warm caramel. 

The dessert is available at McDonald's across Australia and it's sparking calls for the fast-food giant to bring the crème brulée-inspired goodies to Aotearoa. 

But there's bad news for Kiwi crème brulée lovers. 

McDonald's spokesperson Simon Kenny told Newshub the franchise has no plans to bring the dessert to New Zealand.

"Macca's doesn't have any current plans to bring the crème brulée pie or McFlurry to New Zealand," Kenny said in a statement on Tuesday. 

He said Kiwis tend to prefer different options such as the recently introduced Tim Tam McFlurry. 

"We've had pie-based McFlurry options in the past, but our Kiwi customers tend to prefer the co-branded options like the recent Tim Tam McFlurry. 

"At the moment we've got a custard pie, which is available for a limited time and proving really popular."

The Tim Tam McFlurry, which was originally launched in Australia before coming to New Zealand, contained soft-serve mixed with crunchy biscuit pieces and drizzled with milk chocolate sauce.