Jack Harlow wears New Zealand label Wynn Hamlyn at Sydney, Melbourne concerts

Jack Harlow performing
Harlow has twice worn the New Zealand label while performing his Jack Down Under tour across the ditch. Photo credit: Wynn Hamlyn / Jack Harlow / Instagram

If there's one thing I know about New Zealanders, it's that we love to be recognised on the international stage - our isolated position and relative smallness can result in us occasionally being overlooked, after all, or even worse, lumped in with our mulleted mates across the ditch. 

Whether it's matters of sport, science or the arts, we love to stick our hands up from our small corner of the globe and yell, 'That's us! That's us!'

So with this in mind, American hip-hop artist Jack Harlow taking to the stage at the Roundhouse in Sydney earlier this week - wearing an outfit by a Kiwi designer - is definitely worth commemorating.

The 'First Class' hitmaker, who is taking his Jack Down Under tour to Auckland's Trusts Arena this Sunday, donned a brown knitted vest with a statement orange and white striped collar for his second Sydney show - a creation by New Zealand prêt-à-porter label Wynn Hamlyn.

The monochromatic, neutral look was the brainchild of Australian stylist Violet Grace Atkinson, who teamed the Kentucky rapper's sleeveless ribbed vest with light brown trousers and white sneakers.

Sharing pictures of her ensemble to Instagram, Atkinson said she "fell in love with this vest on the runway" and "had to put it on Jack".

Jack Harlow performing
The 'What's Poppin' rapper has worn a Kiwi label for two of his Australia shows. Photo credit: Wynn Hamlyn / @violetgrace_ / Instagram

The ribbed knit is part of Wynn Hamlyn's Resort Spring 2023 collection Departure Lounge, which will be available in New Zealand from October. The collection debuted at Australian Fashion Week in early May.

Speaking to Stuff, Auckland designer Wynn Crawshaw - the mastermind behind the brand - said the team hadn't known that Harlow would be rocking a piece from their new collection, with Atkinson making use of a sample in Sydney. 

"We didn't know about it," he told Stuff. "I am a fan, so it was awesome to see."

And it didn't stop there; the star also donned Wynn Hamlyn's Resort Spring 2023 menswear for his concert in Melbourne on Thursday night, rocking what appeared to be a zip-up jacket and coordinating, loosely tailored trousers - once again dressed by Atkinson.

Harlow donned more of Wynn Hamlyn's 2023 menswear collection for his Melbourne concert on Thursday.
Harlow donned more of Wynn Hamlyn's 2023 menswear collection for his Melbourne concert on Thursday. Photo credit: Wynn Hamlyn / Instagram

When asked if Harlow would once again be wearing Wynn Hamlyn for his Auckland performance this weekend, Crawshaw hinted that more of the Kiwi collection could be on the cards.

"There is a chance he will be, but who knows."

Wynn Hamlyn was the only New Zealand-based brand to secure an official show at Australian Fashion Week 2022. The brand is known for its ready-to-wear collections, combining classic tailoring and a love of silhouette and shape with playful palettes and relaxed textiles. 

The brand has cultivated a reputation for its signature knitwear, but is also known for its feminine dresses and sharp, tailored blazers.