Jordan Peterson defends tweet shaming plus-size model

  • 03/07/2022
Jordan Peterson has defended his tweet shaming a plus-sized model.
Jordan Peterson has defended his tweet shaming a plus-sized model. Photo credit: Getty Images

Controversial Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson has defended his tweet shaming a plus-sized model after it caused significant backlash.

In May, the bestselling author and YouTuber quote-retweeted the New York Post's story on model Yumi Nu's Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover debut, which showed Nu in a scanty black bikini, and called her "not beautiful".

"Sorry. Not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that," Peterson tweeted.

People were quick to defend the model and condemn Peterson for his attack.

"Really enjoying all the men who would get rejected so hard by Yumi Nu pretend they'd reject her first," one wrote.

In response to the criticism, Peterson tweeted: "Rage away, panderers. And tell me you believe that such images are not conscious and cynical manipulation by the oh-so virtuous politically correct."

He then announced he would be taking a break from Twitter due to the "endless flood of vicious insults".

But the divisive psychologist is still refusing to back down, defending his tweet in an email to the Telegraph this week and claiming the tweet was "not a mistake".

"The use of that model, who was not athletic (remember: SPORTS Illustrated) was manipulative economically and in relation to the model herself (although she participated in her own exploitation)," he wrote.

"Beauty is an ideal. Almost all of us fall short of an ideal. I am not willing to sacrifice any ideal to faux compassion. Period. And certainly not the ideal of athletic beauty."

Peterson's break from Twitter - and controversy - didn't last long. On June 28 his account was temporarily locked for another hurtful post suggesting transgender actor Elliot Page had his "breasts removed by a criminal physician".

Twitter said Peterson broke the platform's rules against hateful conduct.