Mother's TikTok goes viral after boyfriend faints during child's birth

  • 20/07/2022
Man faints whilst watching girlfriend give birth.
Man faints whilst watching girlfriend give birth. Photo credit: Tik Tok - Peyton Stewart

A video of a woman giving birth has gone viral on TikTok after her mum captured her boyfriend's reaction to it.

Peyton Stewart shared the video of her child's birth to the social media app on July 13 and captioned it: "That time my boyfriend passed out after I gave birth."

Stewart revealed in a follow-up TikTok video that her mother was trying to film the birth of her grandchild, but instead captured the hilarious moment the father-to-be fainted at the scene.

In the viral video, the boyfriend is swaying from side to side trying to keep his balance and be there for his partner. He then falls back and flops into a heap in one of the nurse's arms nearby.

The original video has hit nearly 15 million views and has been liked nearly two million times.

It is unclear where the woman who posted the video is from.

Several users commented on the video joking about his reaction.

"The Doc: So is that a no on cutting the umbilical cord?" one person said.

"My husband's face smacked the floor so hard during mine, the slap was so loud, my quick-witted doc said: he's gonna need a CT [scan]," another commented.

Others commented on how he should be given more credit because it would've been daunting for him.

"Well, he really seemed like he tried hard to keep going so props to him!" one user said.

Another user said: "I'm a labour and delivery nurse. This happens more than you think. I always keep a close eye on the support partners for this reason."