TikTok user upset with McDonald's after being given an egg instead of chicken nuggets

  • 26/07/2022
TikTok user given an egg instead of chicken nuggets.
TikTok user given an egg instead of chicken nuggets. Photo credit: TikTok/jessicagardner585

A TikTok user was more than disappointed with McDonald's after she did not get what she ordered.

Last week Jessica Gardner, who goes by the username @jessicagardner585 on the video-sharing platform, shared a clip of her holding back tears as she explained what had gone wrong with her order.

"I got McDonald's before I went to work. I got a burger, they forgot to put the patty on it and you know what, that's fine. I got nuggets so I'll just eat the nuggets - and maybe I didn't need the burger," she said in the video.

Gardner then went to grab the box of nuggets, but while trying to open it, she looked at the camera and begrudgingly said: "It's an egg. Why? Why is there an egg in here? Breakfast has been over for two hours. I just wanted a meal before I go to work. I'm very upset," she said, trying not to cry.

It is unclear where Gardner is from.

A number of viewers have expressed their sympathy for Gardner, with one commenting: "I actually cried for you at this."

Another said: "As someone who has cried in my car because of McDonald's messing up my order, I feel you. Like it's supposed to be the one thing you can count on."

Others were not so commiserating and found the chicken and egg mix-up hilarious.

"Well I guess that solves it then, the egg came first," one joked, with a second quipping: "They really undercooked the chicken."

One noted that the logical explanation would be that her order and a vegetarian's order had been mixed up by the staff.

"A vegetarian probably ordered the egg for the burger instead of a patty and they mixed their order with yours (as a vegetarian this seems plausible)," they said.

In a follow-up video, Gardner said she ended up getting a refund from McDonald's, but noted she still didn't get her chicken nuggets.