US woman applauded for argument against shaving armpits in viral TikTok video

  • 13/07/2022
Jada Travis proudly reveals that she hasn't shaved her armpits in three years.
Jada Travis proudly reveals that she hasn't shaved her armpits in three years. Photo credit: TikTok/Jadamackcat

A US woman has been applauded for her brilliant argument against having shaved armpits. 

Jada Travis, 24, from North Carolina took the internet by storm after she posted a TikTok video to explain why she doesn't shave her armpits.

In the viral video, Travis proudly reveals that she hasn't shaved her armpits in three years, but with the comfort not shaving brings her comes negative comments from strangers.

"I want to talk about my armpit hair today," she said as she lifted her arms. "And I'm going to send this video to every single person that constantly talks about it."

Travis said while she still shaves her legs because she likes the way it feels, she explained she doesn't want to shave a part of her body that bends.

She said the hair grows back a few hours later and the sweat makes it scratch.

"You're creating sandpaper," she said.

Travis said she used to shave her armpits every day for ten years but now realises "it doesn't matter" - but unfortunately it mattered to strangers.

"I live in the south [of the US], so it's a very interesting place. It's where people don't always have their teeth, but they really value razors, apparently," Travis said. 

Travis said while people in the city centre do not care about her armpit hair, if she heads into "cowboy county" or the Dollar General Store people are shocked by her appearance, giving her rude treatment.

"I lift up my arm to pay, it's like the whole place is like 'Oh my God'," she said. "And it's like y'all don't even have teeth. Why are you worried about using a razor?

"No offence if you don't have teeth, that's okay. But you shouldn't be crappy about somebody's armpit hair, it's stupid."

As of the time of publication, the video has almost five million views and has received over 16,000 comments, with the majority supporting the move.

"Humans grow body hair. People need to get over it," one person said.

"This is my president!" Another person commented.

"Dude what to be yourself especially in the SOUTH. You are a hero. Keep being you. The world needs you," a third commented.

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Travis said she stopped shaving after growing up in singing and dancing competitions where she always had to be clean-shaven.

She said the TikTok video was made out of the desire to let her feelings out and make a joke about people concerned about her grooming habits.

Travis ends the video by saying the key to being happy is to do whatever you want and not let anyone get in the way.

"We're on a floatin' rock. So, floating rock, nothing matters, do what you want, have your armpit hair, I don't care."