Australian beer tax hikes pints up to $15 each

A pint in Australia could cost punters up to $15.
A pint in Australia could cost punters up to $15. Photo credit: Getty Images

Australians may have to skip the after-work bevvies as the country faces a drastic beer tax hike, where one pint could cost pub-goers up to AU$15 (NZ$16.66).

The tax is set to increase by 4 percent, making it the largest jump in 30 years, 9 News Australia reports.

Boxes of beers at the supermarket will also put a dent in the wallet, with the tax hike set to increase the price of one box to AU$18.80 (NZ$20.88).

According to 9 News, Australia Brewers Association CEO John Preston is pleading for some relief.

"Australians are taxed on beer more than almost any other nation. We have seen almost 20 increases in Australia's beer tax over the past decade alone," Preston said.

He added that the tax hike wouldn't just be affecting pub-goers.

"For a small pub, club or other venue, the latest tax hike will mean an increase of more than AU$2700 a year in their tax bill - at a time when they are still struggling to deal with the ongoing impacts of the pandemic."

Treasurer Jim Chalmers is looking into potential relief to ease the blow for punters, but has not committed to scrapping the tax altogether.