Veterinarian shares the five dog breeds she would never own

Dr Whitney Terrell
Dr Whitney Terrell, from the US, has dished out the five dog breeds she would never own. Photo credit: @dr.terrellpetvet / Dr Whitney Terrell / TikTok

In a world sundered by politics, religion and socioeconomics, there's no shortage of division; and for the cherry on top, someone decided to further split society with two controversial categories - cat people, and dog people

While I sit firmly in Camp Cat, I can acknowledge that dogs are also majestic creatures - most of them, anyway. Those small, yappy ones that Paris Hilton used to tote around in tiny outfits that probably cost more than my rent? No, thank you. 

And now, an Alabama-based veterinarian has dished the dirt on doggos, revealing the five breeds she would never, ever own - and some of them may surprise you.

Dr Whitney Terrell, an associate veterinarian and member of the American Veterinary Association, shared her list to howling success on TikTok last week, with the clip racking up more than 520,000 likes and a staggering 8.6 million views. However, the video wasn't universally well-received, with her opinions also prompting heated debate among passionate pooch-owners.

At the time of writing, the comments have been turned off. 

"I'm going to [share] five breeds that I would not own because I am a veterinarian. This is my opinion and my opinion only, and it's all just for fun," Dr Terrell, who goes by the username @dr.terrellpetvet, began the video.

In fifth place, Dr Terrell explained that Chinese crested dogs, a typically hairless breed, can be a bit of a dog's dinner for some owners - particularly those who don't like their pets to resemble "a ballsack".

"The dogs are fine but I don't like hairless animals," Dr Terrell said. "They're zitty, they're kind of greasy - same with cats. They kind of feel like a ballsack. It's a no from me."

Taking out the fourth spot were chihuahuas, a breed Dr Terrell said she's afraid she might step on.

"Nope, not my cup of tea," she added. "We've got a few [at the clinic] that are super, super, super sweet, but there are some that are ankle biters."

Ranking third on her list were brachycephalic breeds; dogs with shortened snouts such as pugs, French and English bulldogs, shih tzus, bull mastiffs, boxers and Boston terriers.

"Some of them are so cute and so sweet, but they can't breathe - they literally cannot breathe," she said. "They snore. I've already got a husband that snores, I don't need anything else. Skinfold dermatitis, allergies, yeasty, smelly, gassy... it's a no from me, dawg."

Her second least favourite breed? German shepherds, including Belgian shepherds, or Malinois.

"Basically, they have the potential to be really great dogs… but 95 percent of the ones that we see in [the] clinic want to bite your face off because they're not properly trained," Dr Terrell explained.

"I know I would not be able to properly train them because I have no time. So if you're thinking about getting these dogs, don't do it lightly because they need lots of training, lots of attention - I would never own [sic]."

And taking out the top spot as the number one dog Dr Terrell would not own - drum roll, please - the Goldendoodle. Also known as the Groodle, the Goldendoodle is a cross between a poodle and a golden retriever - and if the feedback on Dr Terrell's subsequent videos is anything to go by, they're a pretty popular breed.

"Some of these dogs are really sweet, but a lot of them are crazy, crazy hyper, can't sit still for two seconds. We've had some really aggressive ones as well. They're just kind of squirrely," she said.

"Ear infections up the wazoo, so expensive grooming... they are mixed breed. Just too high maintenance for me. I'd rather have a hound dog [sic]."

In a follow-up clip shared the same day, Dr Terrell acknowledged that her video had already proved highly divisive among her dog-loving viewers, reiterating: "In case you missed it, I said my opinion - breeds I would not own. That doesn't mean that you can't want them.

"It also means that I don't not like them. I can love these breeds… but just could not own them. They're just not my cup of tea… and if that pisses you off, I also prefer the Backstreet Boys over NSYNC. I said it!" 

In another subsequent video, Dr Terrell shared her top five favourite breeds - which again, sparked fierce debate among viewers. At the time of writing, the comments are still enabled.

In fifth place were great pyrenees, followed by German shorthair pointers, golden retrievers, and in second place, mutts, mixed breeds and strays.

"[Mutts] are fantastic dogs, they usually don't have any genetic or hereditary problems like pure breeds do. They are thankful they have a home… I highly recommend a mixed breed."

And in the top spot, Dr Terrell revealed her favourite breed are basset hounds - or any kind of hound, for that matter.

"They're smelly, they have a really deep, loud bark, they can have ear, back and weight problems, they can sometimes be a little crotchy at the vet - but I love them. They're so sweet."

And yes, perhaps unsurprisingly, Dr Terrell does own a basset hound.