Patrick Gower visits English wool shop that makes gloves for King Charles III

Looking for a break from the Royal ruckus, I've wandered into Muker. It's a quiet Yorkshire village so English, it was once featured in the most English TV show of all time: All Creatures Great and Small.

But this quaint settlement is home to a well-kept royal secret; the local wool shop counts the new King as one of their loyal customers.

"Mainly the gloves as far as I'm aware. I don't usually deal with the day-to-day dealings in the shop," says Swaledale Woollens employee Patricia Coates. "He usually buys half a dozen pairs at a time."

Patricia tells me their royal customer has a bunch of the woolly finger warmers. "I think he's given a few as gifts, hence the letter from Camilla thanking us for her pair of gloves."

A short time later, I am seated at a local cafe and I can feel a very special hum all through my body. There's a sort of regalness about the very chair I'm sitting in.

Watch my story above from The Project to find out why.