Inside the kitchen of Auckland's newest family-run vegan French pâtisserie

Drissilla David has always loved baking. 

"It's really therapeutic for me. I love just coming in making my dough. I actually really love doing it by hand. I usually just listen to a podcast and or music, and I just. I can bake for, like, five, 10 hours and I don't even need to eat or drink," David told Newshub. 

This passion for baking grew three years ago when she went on maternity leave from her office admin job. 

"I went on maternity leave when my daughter was born and then it was COVID, so we were in lockdown and my partner had reduced hours at work. So I was able to spend more time baking and that's when we really started."

David took this as an opportunity to take baking from a hobby to a business and she decided to sell her vegan French delicacies at the Shed Collective Market.

"The first market we did, we sold out in a couple of hours and immediately we had so many people following us and wanting to buy our products. So it was quite crazy. From the first market, we had a really big following."

Naturally the next step was to open up a shop, she said.

"Having everything at the shop is much easier and I think it's also easier for me to manage when I'm going to work because at home I was working all the time."

The new shop is located in the Auckland suburb of Grey Lynn. 

Watch the video above.