What Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales eats in a day

Kate Middleton smiling
Based on reports, anecdotes and research, experts have determined what the princess's meal plan might look like. Photo credit: Getty Images

As a member of the British royal family, Kate Middleton - or Catherine, Princess of Wales - is no stranger to scrutiny; however, the mum-of-three's diet has proved a particular point of interest. 

Research conducted by the nutrition experts at BarBend revealed that on average, searches for the Princess of Wales' diet hit 4600 per month. But what does she actually eat in a day?

According to BarBend, an independent outlet for fitness and nutrition news, the 40-year-old is partial to oats in the morning. As a source of slow-release energy, oats are slowly absorbed by the body, helping you to feel fuller and stay on your feet for longer. For Catherine, this means she can keep up with her busy schedule, including running after her young children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

The Princess of Wales is also known to be a fan of antioxidant-rich smoothies with a hit of greens, adding spinach, kale or spirulina to a base of fruit. 

For lunch, Catherine reportedly favours organic foods and incorporates as many raw ingredients as possible. Watermelon salads are said to be a staple in the family's kitchen, combining the fruit with avocado, onion, cucumber and feta cheese. Vegetable kebabs and lentil curry are also reportedly among the princess's favourites, as per chef Raghu Deora. 

When it comes to snacking, Catherine reportedly satisfies any cravings between meals with raw fruit and vegetables. She is said to be a fan of goji berries - touted as a superfood - and popcorn. The princess also once told a child at Great Ormond Street Hospital that she ate lots of olives when she was little, which is presumably still a snack of choice.  

According to reports, Catherine had a very specific craving while pregnant with her youngest child, Prince Louis - thinly sliced pickle on brown toast.  

For dinner, it's understood Catherine likes to indulge in more traditional English fare, including roast chicken - husband Prince William's favourite meal. The couple are also known to be fans of sushi, although under royal protocol, members of the famous family do not consume seafood abroad to avoid food poisoning, which could significantly delay a royal tour. 

According to Darren McGrady, the former personal chef to Queen Elizabeth II, Diana, Princess of Wales and Princes' William and Harry, the mum-of-three is partial to sticky toffee pudding for dessert, while William enjoys a gin and tonic as a late-night tipple.

However, the hearty English dinners and pudding are offset by Catherine's consistent exercise routine, which is understood to include regular running, CrossFit, and planking, a popular bodyweight exercise. 

Earlier this year, a top Spanish chef spilled secrets about British fashion designer and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham's strange eating habits after preparing her dinner at a wedding three years ago. 

Dani García, a highly regarded chef with three Michelin stars to his name, claimed the former pop star had been incredibly difficult and refused to eat anything but vegetables, forcing him to redesign his carefully curated menu to cater to her demands. 

García claimed the mother-of-four specifically requested coconut water - which she drank "all the time" - alongside a bowl of mints. She also asked for hydro-alcoholic gel, which is essentially hand sanitiser, to be brought out during her dinner. 

"It was complicated giving Victoria her menu that night," he admitted.