Christmas present ideas: Top toys for 2022 revealed - The Warehouse

With Christmas looming on the horizon, many families and whānau are bracing themselves for the yearly battle through malls and unhappy bank balance.

But to make the annual purgatory of shopping for presents a little bit easier, The Warehouse has revealed its predictions for the toys they believe will top most Kiwi kids' wish lists this silly season. 

From the ever-popular classics Hot Wheels and Lego to new sensations Squishmallows and Cat vs Pickles, this year's picks feature something for everyone, said Sarah Brittenden, The Warehouse's toy buyer. 

"Squishmallows are one of the most asked for toys at the moment thanks to the huge presence they have on social media," Brittenden said. 

"We saw this a couple of years ago when Fidget Pop-Its literally popped up overnight and we're seeing it again with Squishmallows. If you haven't heard of them yet, they're super soft, squishy, adorable characters and a must-have toy to collect." 

In the past month alone, The Warehouse has seen more than 7000 searches on its website for Squishmallows. 

Brittenden added post-pandemic, there's also been a noticeable trend towards toys which encourage quality time with friends and family, such as board games, puzzles and Lego.

"Lego is a toy on kids' wish lists every Christmas. It's a great way to encourage creativity and bring family together and can be passed down and enjoyed by generations. Similarly, we're seeing the return of board games, with the likes of Monopoly Deal and Pictionary," she noted.

Hot Wheels also makes the list again this year, but Brittenden predicts a 90s-inspired skate collection developed in collaboration with Tony Hawk will be the pick of the bunch.

Additionally, Cats vs Pickles - a range of fun, plush collectible toys which has taken off thanks to a series on YouTube - is likely to appear on many a wish list this Christmas, she said. 

Friends and family and the environmentally conscious consumer can be assured many of the top toys on offer feature more sustainable materials and packaging than past products.

For example, popular picks Play Studio Reusable Water Balloons and The Warehouse's range of wooden toys are made from Forest Stewardship Council-certified timber, while the Barbie Loves The Planet doll features recyclable packaging and fabrics and accessories made from recycled materials.

The Warehouse's Top Toys for 2022

  1. Squishmallows, from $12 
  2. Cat vs Pickles, from $9 
  3. Play Studio Reusable Water Balloons, $16 
  4. Board games, from $5
  5. LEGO 
  6. Play Studio Wooden Toys 
  7. Hot Wheels Skate Fingerboard - $5 
  8. Barbie Loves the Planet Doll, $17 
  9. Zuru Smashers Series 5, $20 
  10. Play Studio Puzzles, $3.