The English star Emily Blunt applauds Hollywood for embracing dress code changes

Actress Emily Blunt says she is relieved Hollywood dress codes have eased up at premieres.

She famously criticised the Cannes film festival in 2015 for its draconian policy that insisted all women on the red carpets had to wear high heels.

"Everyone should wear flats, to be honest. We shouldn't wear high heels anyway, that's my point of view," she told the Hollywood Reporter at the time.

But speaking exclusively on AM to host Melissa Chan-Green ahead of the launch of her new Prime Video series The English, Blunt said she felt there had been a sea change in attitudes in the years since.

"I think what's great is there is much more freedom now in how you should dress.

"I think people are using it as such an exciting form of self-expression; you can shroud yourself in the baggiest clothes in the world and it will be embraced, so I don't feel we're in a world where you have to conform to tight dresses and tight sequins all the time.

"I think it can be to each their own. There's nothing wrong with body-conscious dresses, that's just as powerful as an oversize suit.

"I do feel we have branched out from conformity on how women should dress," she said.

However, she also revealed shooting the new western series, set in the 1800s, meant she was "swathed" in heavy clothing and found it hard-going.

"There were certain days when we were swathed in so many layers it felt torturous, but I think that's part of shooting a western - you are exposed and assaulted by the elements and it does help transport you, all the dust and all the heat."