Australian Airbnb guest kicked out by host at 2am after Christmas Day denies wrongdoing

  • 19/01/2023
Australian Airbnb guest kicked out by host at 2am after Christmas Day denies wrongdoing
Photo credit: Airbnb.

A guest staying at an Australian Airbnb was stunned after her host kicked her out of the property at 2am in the early hours of Boxing Day.

TikTok user Nancy, who goes by the username @ncy_ony, posted texts between her and the property owner following a late-night war of words.

She had paid AU$149 (NZ$160) per night for a glamping tent in the Blue Mountains, about an hour west of Sydney, for three nights.

At first the texts appear friendly - Nancy was welcomed to the property with open arms. Things took a turn when Nancy got home about 2am from Christmas Day celebrations.

She encountered a large dog blocking the gate and access to the tent, so she messaged the host asking if she "should be concerned".

After waiting an hour, she messaged again: "Sorry it’s so late … I'm stuck in the car and contemplating pushing the gate open with the car but worried about the gate being left open."

She said her partner, arriving the next day, was traumatised after a past dog attack. The host suddenly turned, saying it was "very friendly".

"Also, I don't appreciate being woken up at 3am with a complaint," the host messaged Nancy.

So, Nancy snapped back, messaging: "Do you think I appreciate being stuck in my car at stupid o'clock?"

She denies being informed about dogs on the property.

"Arriving back being stared down by what looks like a guard dog is extremely frightening and if your sleep takes precedence over that, then you should really reconsider hosting."

The host asked why concerns weren't raised earlier, to which she said the dog wasn't there at the time.

The Airbnb page, which has now been removed from the site, included a photo of a border collie and the property description mentions dogs stay at the property.

It's not clear if this information was there when Nancy booked.

The host eventually told her to leave the next morning, saying: "You make me extremely uncomfortable and I don't want you on my property."

So Nancy slept in her car, but the drama continued.

Airbnb tried to charge her AU$222.69 for mediating the situation after the company sided with the host's version of events.

The host asked for AU$154 in compensation for 'damages to the gate', which the host claimed Nancy had pushed open with a car.

Nancy denies that, writing to the Airbnb resolutions team: "Absolutely not. I didn't open the gate with my car. I am most definitely not paying her a cent."

The post had more than 1 million views on Nancy's TikTok, with commenters divided.

One user wrote: "You did absolutely the right thing. I love dogs, but wouldn't enter a property when a dog looks like it's guarding at night."

Another posted: "I wouldn't love to be woken at 3am either but would it have been so difficult for her to end that message!"