Budget Kmart saucepan outranks premium alternatives in Consumer NZ test

Anko Saucepan
The budget buy trumped a premium saucepan with a price 11 times higher. Photo credit: Consumer NZ

A budget-friendly saucepan with a price tag of less than $25 has outranked 12 other competitors - some costing hundreds of dollars - in a test conducted by Consumer New Zealand.

In a recent product review, the nonprofit watchdog tested 13 different saucepans ranging from budget to premium to determine which performed the best, judging each model based on its performance, evenness of cooking, ease of use and the speed at which it boiled water.

The balance and weight of each saucepan and the ergonomics of the handle, including its resistance to heat, were also considered.

The top spot was awarded to the ANKO stainless steel 2.9l saucepan with an aluminium encapsulated base - a saucepan by Kmart's affordable in-house brand.

While Consumer NZ lists the price of the pot as $22, the same saucepan is currently available on Kmart New Zealand's website for $24 - which is still a relatively low cost.

On Kmart's website, the pot currently has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 based on 53 reviews.

In second place was the Essteele Per Sempre Covered Saucepan, a piece of premium kitchenware with a hefty price of $270. While the budget saucepan from Kmart earned a total score of 90, its Essteele counterpart was awarded 80.

Speaking to the New Zealand Herald, Consumer NZ's test team leader James le Page noted while the pricier cookware "performed as expected", earning top marks for evenness of cooking and overall performance, the "budget buy" Kmart alternative matched the premium product's aforementioned scores - and then outperformed in terms of water boiling speed and ease of use. 

"With a staggering price difference between products which both perform perfectly well, the Kmart saucepan may prove to be a popular purchase this summer," le Page added.

"The $24 Kmart saucepan is made from stainless steel and has a durable handle - indicating not only that it will perform well, but it should also go the distance."