New World: How to shop smarter in 2023 with New World's Everyday Low Prices

With the ongoing cost of living crisis and possible recession looming on the horizon, spending less and shopping smarter are top of mind for many New Zealanders. 

Although inflation is packing a punch on many wallets across the motu, there are easy ways to cut costs - particularly in the kitchen. All it takes is a little planning ahead, but delicious food is still achievable on a frugal budget.

To help Kiwis continue to find value on the important things we buy week in and week out, New World has introduced the Everyday Low-Price ticket, with consistent prices on hundreds of everyday items like flour, chopped tomatoes and pasta and the prices are mostly held for months.

To add to their commitment to help New Zealanders get the best bang for their buck from their shop, New World has partnered with Love Food Hate Waste and MasterChef New Zealand 2022 winner, Sam Low to develop four weeks of seasonal, budget-friendly meal plans with zero waste - and some hot tips on how to make the most of your food budget when you shop at New World.

So, what are New World's budget-friendly meal plans about?

"New World has developed the meal plans with the team at Love Food Hate Waste. There are four meal plans per season and each plan includes five tasty family dinners," Sam explained. 

"The recipes aim to use in-season veggies, are nutritionally balanced and are designed for zero food waste. Tips on food storage and how to make use of leftovers are included." Check out and download the seasonal meal plans here - Budget Friendly Meal Plans | New World.

As well as shopping Everyday Low-Price blue ticket items and using New World's budget-friendly meal plans, there are a few handy hacks for creating a range of healthy and affordable meals all year round. 

One way to stretch the dollar is by opting for lower cost proteins, says Sam and it does no harm to have a meat free day of the week that could also save you money. Think chickpea curry and rice, or summer veggie enchiladas.

Sam has made a tofu curry in one of the Free Budget Meal Plans, which not only capitalises on cost savings through using plant-based alternatives and makes the most of in season fare such as cucumbers and tomatoes. Shopping seasonally is a win when it comes to cutting costs in the kitchen - as not only is seasonal often cheaper, it tastes better when it's been sun ripened to perfection. 

Here are Sam's other top tips to shopping smarter: 

  • Buy your pantry essentials using the Everyday Low-Price range - look for the blue ticket in stores. There are hundreds of affordable essentials at low prices that last.

  • Buy in-season produce and what’s in abundance: This saves money and the fruit & veges taste better too. Freeze in-season produce - such as lemons - by slicing and bagging, or juicing and freezing as ice cubes. Buy out of season veggies from the freezer: Frozen veggies are a really economical way to eat produce that has been picked at the top of the season, and there’s no waste.

  • Buy extra meat or fish on special: When meat or fish is on special, put it into your freezer for the next week.

You can download the free budget friendly summer meal plans here.

Article created in partnership with New World.