UK TikToker's account banned over showing 'gruesome' acne

  • 04/01/2023
Eva Grant's TikTok account was banned because her acne was branded as "gruesome".
Eva Grant's TikTok account was banned because her acne was branded as "gruesome". Photo credit: TikTok/@porefectionx

A teenager's TikTok account aimed to help people struggling with acne has been banned due to showing "gruesome content".

Eva Grant, a beauty queen from England, has had cystic acne for two years.

The reigning Miss Teen Galaxy York created a social media account to raise awareness and dismantle negative stereotypes surrounding acne.

However, when Grant showed her face during an acne flare-up, her account was taken down because it failed to meet the company's guidelines.

"It didn't fit them because of my skin, because it was gruesome content," Grant told the BBC.

Eva Grant competes in beauty pageants.
Eva Grant competes in beauty pageants. Photo credit: TikTok/@porefectionx

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when skin pores become blocked, causing whiteheads, blackheads, pustules or cysts to develop. It affects about 95 percent of people aged 11 to 30. 

Grant told the news site her skin condition had worsened to the point she didn't want to leave the house. 

She said the acne used to cover the entirety of her face and was really bumpy and hard to cover with makeup but with medical treatment, Grant's skin has since improved. 

Grant wanted to create her TikTok account to give advice and help to others suffering from acne.

She told the BBC when her account got shut down she made a new one and emailed TikTok, who admitted they had made a mistake.

"We are open about the fact that we don't get every moderation decision right and have reinstated Eva's account," TikTok told the outlet.

"We hope Eva continues to use TikTok to offer encouragement and advice to others, and to share her story."