Aussie OnlyFans creator launches fierce tirade against Queensland pub after being kicked out for her 'inappropriate' outfit

Screenshots of Naomi Tibbles in her outfit from her rant video
Photo credit: @naomi.tibbles / TikTok

An OnlyFans creator has lashed out against a pub after claiming the security forced her to leave the premises due to her outfit being inappropriate for a family-friendly venue. 

Naomi Tibbles, an OnlyFans star who lives on Australia's Gold Coast, had taken a solo trip over the weekend to North Stradbroke Island, a tropical isle within Queensland's Moreton Bay.

Venting to her thousands of followers in a clip shared to both her Instagram and TikTok, Tibbles said she'd decided to treat herself to a watermelon spritz at a local pub, located at the Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel, after a gruelling walk in the 35C heat. 

In her expletive-laden rant, Tibbles claimed she had been enjoying her cocktail when a security guard approached her and asked her to "cover up" her outfit: a matching bikini, sandals and a sunhat, with a pair of crocheted pants over the swimsuit. 

"Absolutely not sorry for this one. Halfway through my cocktail before I get told in front of the whole damn establishment? Just rude, embarrassing and gross," she captioned her tirade.

Tibbles claimed the security guard initially said her jandals violated the venue's dress code, but after she protested - pointing out that her shoes were actually strappy sandals - the guard added that her outfit was inappropriate for a "family establishment".

"The establishment is split into two separate sections... I'm sitting in the bar where there's no children allowed," Tibbles explained. "The only two children that I could see were all the way on the other end of the f**king restaurant, which I'm not in."

She then said the security guard asked if she had anything she could cover herself with, to which she responded: "I said, 'No, I don't actually because I'm on a f***ing island and I was just at the beach'. We're on a f***ing beach island. [The pub] is on the beach, actually.

"Seriously, the place looks like a very mediocre pub... [not a] fancy a** button-up restaurant. Wild! Crazy times," she added in the comments.

Tibbles' story prompted a quick response from her viewers, many of whom were angered by the pub's decision to ban bikinis despite being a beachside venue.

"Tell them queen!" one viewer applauded Tibbles, to which she replied: "Had to be done. Would've understood if it was a fancy restaurant, not a roughed-up bar."

"This is wild, being steps from the beach. Who wears anything but swimwear at Straddie full stop?" another weighed in, with a third adding: "Bloody hell! They call themselves a 'BEACH hotel?'"

"Wow, I have seen less clothing at the supermarket and restaurants on the Gold Coast... What is their problem?" a fourth agreed.

However, not everyone agreed with Tibbles' perspective, with several calling the creator out for her "entitlement". One panned her response, writing: "Talk about feeling entitled. They have rules and you weren't following them. Cover up or go elsewhere. Why do you think you get a pass?"

"I mean it's their establishment so if that's how they want to be, don't argue. They'll probably go out of business anyway because of their dress code," another chipped in.

In a follow-up video shared to her social media earlier on Wednesday (local time), Tibbles responded to the backlash her rant had stirred, noting that she understands "there's a time and a place for certain outfits".

"I also understand that establishments have the right to enforce dress codes. However… drum roll please! I do believe the rules should be enforced upon entry. Pretty simple," she said. 

"I was having a rough mental health day and it simply didn't feel nice to be called out in front of everyone. Embarrassed, self-shame, and rejection... not nice feelings when you're already having a rough day [sic].

"So I took to social media to get a little dramatic and have a bit of fun with my negative emotions - a coping mechanism that makes me feel better.

"I'm just a girl, in her own lane doing her own thing. And I'm proud of myself. If that doesn't sit well with you, well, let me get security because you're not welcome in my establishment."

It's not the first time a content creator has racked up thousands of views for claiming they were discriminated against based on their choice of outfit. Last year, a British woman went viral on social media after claiming staff at a trendy London nightclub targeted her for being "a bigger girl" in a "revealing" outfit

And in October, a US office employee claimed she was sent home from work for wearing a "distracting" outfit