BBC journalists told to look 'dirty and sweaty' to engage a younger audience

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File photo Photo credit: Reuters

News presenters and reporters at BBC have been told to relax their dress code and that a more rugged "sweaty and dirty" look is more trustworthy.

The move is a part of the channel's push to engage the TikTok audience globally, with BBC journalists encouraged to film more reports on phones. 

"It's a bit like, being as sweaty and dirty as when we're in a field is actually more trustworthy than if we look like we've just stepped out of an awards ceremony or a fine dinner party," Naja Nielsen, Director of Digital News at Washington BBC reportedly told a group of journalists.

Nielsen reportedly told journalists her mother was impressed by the studio performance, however her children were less so. 

The new channel will feature more hosting within the newsroom and as one insider described it to Deadline, "presenters standing in front of giant iPads to show how we verify footage".

The channel will show more international news, and be anchored from London during UK daytime and evening, and overnight from Washington DC and Singapore. 

Set to launch internationally on April 3, the channel is merging BBC World with BBC News.

Previously, BBC News remained a UK focused channel while BBC World catered to an international audience. 

One insider told Deadline changes to the channel will be 'phased in' over an unspecified amount of time.

"The single channel operation will be a phased launch over months, with different elements being introduced over time. No-one should get hung up on April or expect to see everything change at once," a BBC source told Deadline.

The corporation is currently seeking new on and off screen talent in Washington DC.