Bluebird celebrates 70th birthday by bringing back nostalgic Kiwi chip flavours for a limited time

The two flavours making a limited-time comeback - Bacon and Lamb & Mint
But the old favourites will only be around for a limited time. Photo credit: Photo illustration - Newshub; Images - Supplied

In celebration of its 70th birthday, Kiwi crisp manufacturer Bluebird is bringing back two of its classic flavours, as voted by chip connoisseurs across the country.

The iconic flavours Bacon and Lamb & Mint will be stocked on supermarket shelves next month. The old favourites making a short-lived comeback in the snack aisle were decided by Bluebird's Facebook community, who voted on which classic crisps should be reincarnated for a limited time.

"We're excited to be celebrating 70 years of Kiwis favourite chip brand, Bluebird. We had an overwhelming response to our social media call-out and know Kiwis will be happy snacking on these nostalgic limited-edition flavours. There's no better way to celebrate our milestone," Bluebird senior brand manager, Natalie Johnson, said in a statement. 

"Bluebird's birthday is an opportunity to celebrate our Kiwi heritage, our farmers, our customers and of course, our fans, and we have a range of other exciting activities planned over the coming months."

Bluebird's humble beginnings can be traced back to 1953, when entrepreneur Les Saussey began selling popcorn and potato chips at the Western Spring Speedway in Auckland. The popularity of Saussey's chips quickly grew and he soon expanded his range of flavours to include the now-classics Ready Salted, Salt & Vinegar and Chicken - with the price of a packet just 9 pence.

Over its 70-year history, Bluebird has built a proud heritage, contributing to agriculture and the development of farming, jobs in Wiri, South Auckland, and New Zealand's economy. 

The Bluebird Originals Limited Edition 'Bring Backs', Lamb & Mint and Bacon, will be available at major grocery retailers nationally from March 6.