Cyclone Gabrielle: Bed Bath & Beyond sends email advertising 'cyclone strength' savings amid ongoing devastation

A promotional email sent out by Bed Bath & Beyond advertising "cyclone strength savings" in the wake of Cyclone Gabrielle is being condemned as "inappropriate" and "tone-deaf" amid the devastation. 

Six people have been confirmed dead in the wake of the cyclone, which caused flooding, slips, torrential rain and severe winds across the motu earlier this week. 

In an email campaign sent out to customers on Friday morning, the manchester and linen company advertised a "cyclone strength" sale and "extreme deals" for three days only.

The promotional email featured an image of grey storm clouds, with the words "Cyclone Strength Savings" emblazoned across it.

Sharing a screenshot of the email to her Twitter on Friday, freelance Newshub reporter Demelza Leslie captioned the image: "Too soon."

"Oh, that is terrible! Bodies are still being found!" one responded. 

Bed Bath & Beyond promotional email screenshot advertising cyclone strength savings
Bed Bath & Beyond has apologised for the EDM. Photo credit: Supplied

In an emailed statement to Newshub, Bed Bath & Beyond's general manager issued an apology on behalf of the brand, confirming a "number of complaints" had been received in response to the EDM. 

"Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by the cyclone and we will continue to support those impacted across all of NZ through this tough time, this includes a number of staff and customers in a number of regions," he said.

"We have had a number of complaints from customers regarding the heading of our EDM that was sent this morning, 17th Feb.

"As always we welcome this feedback and take on board that this has not been a thoughtful choice of words. We genuinely apologise to anyone who has felt offended by the heading. 

"By no means was our intention to make light of Cyclone Gabrielle or its devastating effects. We have been working within different areas of NZ to support communities affected through donated products and will continue to do so."