Jennifer Coolidge shares her handy hack for concealing dark under-eye circles

Jennifer Coolidge
The actress has a hack or two for perfecting your skin. Photo credit: Getty Images

The White Lotus star Jennifer Coolidge has shared a handy hack for concealing pesky under-eye circles.

During an interview for Vogue to promote her new commercial for e.l.f. Cosmetics, the actress, 61, offered a couple of her go-to tips for a flawless face.

In addition to using ice cubes to soothe puffy skin in the morning, Coolidge revealed she will mix a complementary colour of make-up into her concealer to effectively cover dark spots or blemishes.

"If you have dark under your eyes, like black or blue, you can actually mix orange make-up in with your concealer, and it will completely cover the blue," she said.

It's long been known that green can help correct redness, such as red birthmarks, rashes, acne and rosacea. If you struggle with moderate rosacea or other conditions, a colour-correcting green concealer can neutralise the redness.

This works because colours that are opposite on the colour wheel cancel each other out: while green cancels out red, purple can minimise yellow, and orange takes care of blue-tinged dark circles.

Elsewhere in the chat, Coolidge revealed she is fascinated by beauty tutorials on TikTok.

"Now everyone is on TikTok showing you how you can cut your face in half and give yourself a different jawline," she exclaimed. 

"The way girls are doing their faces now - there are no rules. You can do things out of order, and there are all these glowy creams."

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