Leo Molloy's HeadQuarters Bar on Auckland's Viaduct under fire for see-through glass in women's toilet cubicles

Screenshots from the video showing the transparent glass of HeadQuarters' ladies' bathroom
Footage obtained by a patron showed the transparent glass in the cubicles of HeadQuarters' loos. Photo credit: @celp333 / TikTok

A "design fault" at a popular bar in Auckland's Viaduct is being criticised on social media after patrons noticed they were able to see directly into the cubicles of the women's bathroom. 

The bathroom at the new HeadQuarters (HQ) Bar - a hospitality hotspot now at the former site of O'Hagans Irish pub on Auckland's waterfront - featured transparent glass panes in each of the six street-facing toilets, giving passersby and patrons below a clear view into the cubicles.

The bar, owned by former mayoral candidate and hospitality honcho Leo Molloy, has since attracted criticism from patrons on social media, with one warning women visiting the premises to "be careful". 

In a clip shared to TikTok over the weekend, user @celp333 filmed HeadQuarters from the street at night, demonstrating how the lights in the first-floor bathroom coupled with the clear glass allowed women using the toilets to be seen from the street. 

Although patrons' lower halves can't be seen, with just their heads, shoulders and upper backs visible through the glass, one woman - who seemed to be wearing a jumpsuit - appeared to be naked in the footage. 

"We went to the new O'Hagan's HQ. And the female toilet is see-through from the outside. Just be careful ladies," @celp333 captioned the clip.

The footage, which has been viewed almost 110,000 times at the time of writing, has attracted a wave of backlash from concerned viewers, one of whom commented: "Jaw dropped. That's horrific."

"[A] reminder not to wear a jumpsuit there then," one viewer commented, with another adding: "Was there on Saturday and noticed the same thing, pulled the finger out the window."

"I noticed this on Friday night! It's ridiculous," said another.

In a phone call with Newshub, Molloy confirmed the see-through glass was a "design fault" and would be rectified. 

He reiterated that only patrons' shoulders and heads could be seen from the street below and that customers couldn't be seen physically going to the toilet.

Molloy said he only became aware of the issue over the long weekend and there had been no complaints about the transparent toilets thus far. 

He confirmed the glass will be frosted to give patrons privacy and the issue should have been rectified this afternoon.

The new HeadQuarters officially opened on Friday, February 3.