New World sparks hilarity with phallic Valentine's Day meal

New World's 'Valentine Meal'
New World's 'Valentine Meal'. Photo credit: Reddit / u/Economy-Dimension

A Valentine's meal created by a Dunedin supermarket has sparked hilarity on social media through its resemblance to a specific male body part.

A raw-meat meal sold in the butcher section of New World Gardens in Dunedin on Monday contained a sausage, two meatballs, and a 'bush' of parsley.

Supermarket owner Craig Broderick said their in-house butchers wanted to do something special with their craft for Valentine's Day.

"They're a creative bunch and came up with the idea of specially designed meat packs," he said.

He said they only made a few of the meals to test the waters.

"Customers and the social media community have enjoyed the joke," Broderick said.

On the social media platform Reddit, a photo of the meal has prompted humorous responses from users.

"That sausage looks fine now, but wait until things heat up - and you'll be really underwhelmed with the size," one person said.

"Even the $6.99 is subtle," another joked.

"We've enjoyed reading the comments and are glad it's been well received," said Broderick.