Specsavers encouraging women to take care of their eye health following concerning national survey results

Optometrists across the country are concerned that New Zealand women are not looking after their eye health following national survey results. 

Specsavers is encouraging women to start putting themselves first and to stop dismissing minor problems or irritations that could result in a more sinister health diagnosis if left untreated.

New research commissioned by Specsavers New Zealand has revealed that shockingly, 89 percent of New Zealand women admit to having experienced an issue with their eye, but nearly quarter of those (23 percent) said they didn't see an optometrist or a healthcare professional for their last eye issue and just waited for it to go away on its own. 

Specsavers Audiologist Specsavers Optometrist says it's critical for women to get regular eye checks because some conditions aren't as obvious and may be brought on by various factors such as family history, sun exposure, medication or could just be incidental in nature. Watch the video above to learn more. Specsavers recommends that you get your eyes tested every two years, or more frequently if advised by your optometrist. You can book an eye appointment online here.

Article created in partnership with Specsavers.