UK mum speaks out about the 'horrified looks' she receives from other parents at her son's daycare

Screenshots of Kirsty and her son Jayden from TikTok
"When I walk into the nursery to pick up my toddler as the youngest mum, with my fresh lips, lashes and in gym wear." Photo credit: @kirstygladden / TikTok

A mother-of-one has shared the trials and tribulations of being the "youngest mum" at her son's nursery, claiming she is often subjected to "horrified looks" by other parents. 

Kirsty Gladden, a 22-year-old from Essex, England, took to TikTok earlier this week to speak out about the condemnatory stares she receives from other parents at the daycare, adding that her looks and appearance can also  be subjected to judgement. 

"When I walk into the nursery to pick up my toddler as the youngest mum, with my fresh lips, lashes and in gym wear," Gladden captioned the clip, which she shared with her 31,000 followers. 

"Twenty-two with a two-year-old," she added, alongside the hashtags, "#horrifiedlooksfromeveryoneintheroom" and "#youngmom". 

The clip showed Gladden walking, presumably to her son's daycare, set to the lyrics "horrified looks from everyone in the room" - an excerpt from Taylor Swift's popular song 'Speak Now'.

With a full face of makeup and her blonde hair flowing behind her, Gladden looked glamorous in a pink pullover with a black vest and sunglasses perched on her head. 

It appears the clip has struck a chord with other young mums, racking up almost 9000 likes and more than 150,000 views at the time of writing. Many rejoiced at being the subject of open stares, applauding Gladden for her glam get-ups, while other young mums shared their own anecdotes of being subjected to judgement - some who had children as young as 13. 

"Me when I turn up to the primary school - 21 with a five and one-year-old," one wrote, with a second adding: "I get it too, I'm 25 and expecting my third, my eldest being five."

"I'm 24 and my eldest is eight, and [I have] a three-year-old and six-month-old. Many times I've been called the 'sister'," another said, with a fourth commenting: "It's a vibe girl, I can relate."

"This is me, god forbid we get our lips done," a fellow young mum weighed in, to which Gladden responded: "It's when the baby [daddy] says, 'spending all your son's maintenance on your filler'."

Others attempted to reassure Gladden that while some parents might cast a judgemental eye, the staff would never have the same reaction, with one commenting: "As a nursery worker I can definitely say you are not judged."

Some viewers claimed Gladden wasn't technically a "young mum", having fallen pregnant with her son at 19, but she clapped back that society still views it that way.

"Twenty-two isn't really that young to have a two-year-old," they commented, with Gladden replying: "I don't think it is either but in society it still is."

In a previous video, Gladden also compiled a list of comments she has received as a "young single mum", including questions about her relationship status and whether or not she's on a benefit, as well as cruel names and comments about her son being "a mistake".

She often shares sweet clips of her and her son Jayden, as well as videos detailing the difficulties of motherhood and raising a child as a single parent.