Watch: Man with world's longest tongue uses it to paint a portrait

The man with the world's longest tongue has appeared on a popular TV show to showcase his tongue-painting skills.

Nick Stoelberl from LA holds the Guinness World Record for the longest tongue at 3.97 inches.

Stoelberl joined This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield for an interview on Tuesday to showcase his tongue-painting skills.

When Schofield asked how he discovered he had a long tongue, he responded with "if you're born with it, you are kind of aware of it".

He said as a kid sticking his tongue out he noticed it was longer than other kids. When asked what the benefits were of his extremely long tongue, he said he doesn't have to use a napkin as if he gets food on his face as he is able to lick it off.

"In restaurants I do try to be polite and use a napkin but if I can't find one then I just sort of lick my face," he said, describing it as "eco-friendly".

He said he is known as 'Licasso', a play on words for Spanish painter Picasso, as he can also paint with his tongue.

"I was given the name 'Licasso' because of my artwork, I was happy to use my world record for something that can be productive and expressive so I have been able to do that", he said.

He then got to work and gave a demonstration of his talent.

"It's so weird, I feel like I shouldn't be watching you do this. It feels like a personal moment,"  Willoughby laughed.

Finally, the artwork was revealed showing the tongue-portrait of the hosts.

"It's hard to capture the beauty of both of you but I did my best," Stoelberl said.