Hairdresser reveals free secret to luscious curls - and it's in Petone

Strands of curly hair
The secret may not even be in hair products. Photo credit: Getty Images

A Wellington hair specialist has revealed the secret to her luscious locks - and it's good news for locals. 

We all have crazy hair days, but people with natural curls will know just how wild their hair can get. This can lead to a love-hate relationship between them and their locks - but Taboo Hair Salon curly hair specialist Tina Fox might have found the solution. 

Fox travelled to Los Angeles in 2010 for a hairdressing conference. She told Newshub while overseas, her curls started to behave differently and "didn't need any care". 

She said LA's water made her hair soft, with little to no frizz and no effort to maintain. But when Fox returned to Aotearoa, so too did the frizziness, and the need to tame her tendrils.

At the time she pondered bottling some LA water and bringing it home, but that was too difficult.  Fox then travelled to Canada, where the local water seemed to have the same effect.

But instead of bottling a bunch of foreign water to bring home, Fox embarked on a research journey here in Aotearoa to find water that could provide the same outcome.

"So I went to [Wellington's] Moore Wilson's water fountain and got some water from there."

But Fox said that "wasn't as good", so her hunt continued. 

Fox purchased three different types of bottled supermarket water, describing spring water was "mostly good".

But it was when Fox travelled to an artesian water fountain in Petone, Lower Hutt, that she finally struck gold.

Fox said she filled three gallons of water to stockpile at home, noting the difference between Wellington's tap water and Petone's fountain water was drastic.

Fox said as soon as she began using Petone's water, the change was almost instantaneous.

"As soon as you pour it in your hair, you feel it has gone soft and it's not puffing up with frizz," she said. "It is nothing I could recommend more."

Tina Fox fills up three large gallons of Petone's water.
Tina Fox fills up three large gallons of Petone's water. Photo credit: Supplied

Since Fox's discovery, she's passed her local water secret on to her curly-haired clients and tourists, and she said the reviews are fantastic. 

If people with curly hair are using an expensive treatment but washing it out with Wellington's tap water, she believes it's "a waste".

"People with frizzy, wiry type of hair, they need to try this," she said. 

For the best results, Fox recommends either removing products with Petone's water or simply forgoing the products and using the water alone. 

The curly hair specialist doesn't have any solutions for Kiwis out of the Wellington region, but told Newshub she may try different cities' water to see what effect it has in the future.