Irvines and MacKenzie pies to be discontinued from June, jobs on the chopping block

Composite of Irvines and MacKenzie pies against brown paper bag background with stock image of a man eating a classic pie out of a bag
Bad news, guys. Photo credit: Photo illustration - Newshub; Images - Getty Images, Goodman Fielder

Bad news, tradies of Aotearoa: two classic smoko staples, the humble Irvines and MacKenzie pies, will be discontinued. 

Food manufacturer Goodman Fielder announced last week it will no longer be selling the brands of savoury pies from June this year, a decision that also puts a number of roles on the chopping block. 

In a statement, CEO Bernard Duignan said increasing costs were behind the decision to axe the inexpensive lunchtime favourites, citing the significant rise in fuel, energy, labour and raw ingredient expenses. 

According to reports, consultations with staffers at Goodman Fielder's Palmerston North and Oamaru sites are underway, with 71 and 19 roles expected to be cut across the respective factories. 

While some affected employees may be able to find work at other sites, others will receive redundancy entitlements and career support, the company said. 

The news has come as a punch in the gut for many New Zealanders, some of whom have smashed back an Irvines Steak & Cheese or a MacKenzie Mince & Cheese to get them through the workday or a hungover weekend. 

"I can't count the number of them I microwaved and smashed back in my drunken uni-student days," wrote u/UsedZealand on Reddit. "They did their job. I don't think I ever ate one sober or before midnight."

"What are you supposed to get at 2am after a night on the silly juice now?" u/the_fridge_nz wondered. 

While several admitted that the Kiwi classics were actually "terrible", others argued that their averageness is what made them so special.

"You knew exactly what you were getting," u/thefurrywreckingball said. "The bar was low and they remained consistent."