Lego-inspired pop-up burger joint Brick Burger coming to Auckland this July

Imagery of the lego burgers and the interior of a previous Brick Burger pop-up
Calling all Lego lovers - this could be the dining experience for you. Photo credit: Supplied

As children we were told not to play with our food - but a new dining experience coming to Aotearoa will actively encourage its patrons to get hands-on with their hamburgers. 

For fans of food and fun, the new pop-up Brick Burger - which is slated to open in Auckland this July - promises to unleash your inner child in a Lego-themed, one-of-a-kind spectacle for the whole family to enjoy. 

The premise of the pop-up, which will be located on 395 Mount Eden Rd for a three-month period, is getting Lego-loving customers to build their own burgers using a selection of colourful (and yes, edible) brick components. 

A spokesperson said the menu will feature a range of "classic and specialty bricks" made from fresh and high-quality ingredients, from beef patties to chicken fillets to a hearty vegetarian option. 

A sneak-peak at the Lego-themed interior of the pop-up.
A sneak-peak at the Lego-themed interior of the pop-up. Photo credit: Supplied

"Our brick-themed restaurant is designed to immerse you in a playful and exciting world of bricks, with colourful brick walls, LEGO-themed furniture and even a brick building station where you can let your imagination run wild and create your own brick designs," the spokesperson said in a statement. 

"Our kid-friendly environment and menu options make it easy to keep the little ones entertained and satisfied. And for the more competitive diners, we host weekly brick-building competitions where you can show off your building skills and win some awesome prizes."

A Brick Burger made from Lego-shaped ingredients
Customers can build their own burger using a selection of Lego 'bricks'. Photo credit: Supplied

Early bird tickets are available now: a $23 ticket covers entry, one burger and either a beer, wine or soft drink.