'Nearly passed out': NSW couple win two $1 million lottery prizes in same day from separate, identical tickets

Lottery balls.
Lottery balls. Photo credit: Getty

An Australian couple has won two lottery prizes worth $1 million each after the husband accidentally doubled up on tickets due to his guilt.

The man and wife from Dapto, New South Wales won two Division One prizes on the same day - totalling $2 million.

The man said he only bought two tickets because he was trying to get out of the dog box.

"I forgot to put my wife's numbers on last week, and she wasn't too happy with me," he said.

The man bought two identical tickets, with the same numbers on each (29, 44, 4, 18, 35, and 4), to make it up to his wife.

She was checking the results on Tuesday morning when she realised she'd won.

"I thought I should probably tell her about the second identical ticket too," the man said.

He said she screamed when she found out about the first winning ticket, and "nearly passed out" after being told about the double-up ticket.

The new millionaires said they'll use the cash to set their children and grandchildren up for the future.

"Once we've done that, then we can enjoy whatever is left," said the wife.

She told 9News they plan on flying business class as "'I'd love to travel around Australia and see all the parts of our country I haven't seen."

"It won't take much to make us happy."

The Dapto couple's win comes after a man from Swan Valley in Western Australia won $40 million from the Powerball lottery.

The odds of winning Division One are at least 8 million to one.