This family of five lives in a caravan - could you do it too?

This family of five lives in a caravan - could you do it too?
Photo credit: Supplied / Adventures with Rosy

A Kiwi family has packed up their home and taken to the road, bringing their three young children on a 15-month road trip. 

Chelsea and Bronson Dredge told The Project on Wednesday although it may sound like a crazy choice, it's done their family a lot of good.  

The 10 square metre home ruffled some feathers for The Project host Jesse Mulligan who said he's always questioning whether his home is big enough as is and couldn't imagine downsizing with small children. 

"It's giving me the shivers. If you've got kids you know how nuts it can get in your home but imagine instead of living in a two or three-bedroom home, all of you live in a space about as big as your lounge," he said. 

But the family said their van is fully tricked-out which made the transition easier. Along with the basics such as a toilet and shower, the van also has solar power. And the family says they've got everything they need. 

They decided to move into the van because they wanted an adventure and for their children to experience the world first-hand. 

"We just threw everything in, told the kids not to pack too much and just did it, the key is setting a deadline and making sure you hold yourself to that," The dredges shared.

But while they love their lifestyle, they said they're regularly questioned about how they cope with three kids in such a small space. 

"We get asked that all the time but yeah we've got it all on board!" Bronson said.

The couple shares their journey on Youtube, documenting their travels and the lessons they've learned along the way. 

"We wanted to explore New Zealand but also take our time and have some great experiences," Chelsea said on Youtube. 

She said life on the road took a toll at first but they've managed to power through and are now loving van life.

"It took us a few weeks to get into the routine but once we figured it out it was easy."