NZ's shock omission from coffee champions leaves bad buzz among Wellington connoisseurs

By Kirsty Frame of RNZ

There's nothing quite like a kiwi flat white... but like New Zealand getting curiously excluded from maps of the world, we've once again been erased.

Colombian coffee company Tambia has revealed its top 50 places to get a good cuppa around the world and notably, there is no mention of our country in the ranks.

It has sparked outrage among connoisseurs, who in Wellington this morning felt the unofficial coffee capital had been forgotten.

Top of the chart was Felix Roasting Company in New York, followed by Cru+ in Melbourne, Inner Circle in Riyadh, Dineen Coffee in Toronto and Sunrise Coffee in Hanoi.

Even for well-travelled locals, there is nothing quite like a New Zealand roast to come home to.

One People's Coffee diner was shocked at the rankings - especially with the US having 16 spots overall.

"No one does a flat white like New Zealand, the Americans, we just had to give up [when we visited]... you had to order a cappuccino so it had any kind of froth on it."

He said there are too many flavour options in the land of the free.

"Seriously, you can actually order a drink and drink it before the person beside you has finished ordering theirs."

Overall, Europe proved to be the most popular continent for coffee drinking, with a total of 19 countries in the top 50.

Another brew seeker, who had travelled to Europe, said they were surprised at what they found.

"I thought the coffee would be quite good there but it's actually quite s***."

Wellington's Swimsuit Coffee owner Tate Burge has a theory as to why we did not make the cut.

"They might have literally just forgotten, maybe even thought that we were in Australia or something... I just don't think they've been to Wellington before, aye?"

But Burge remains sure Wellington is among the best.

"I just feel like we have this unpretentious vibe but yet we still make the best product ... I do really believe that we do make some of the best coffee in the world."

Just two weeks ago the capital's very own Honoka Kawashima won the New Zealand Baristas Championship and will be heading over to the world champs next year.

The Frank's Coffee barista moved here from Japan for one big reason.

"I've been working [here] for four years nearly, and the reason why I chose Wellington is because I heard it was one of the biggest cities in the world for its coffee culture."

For Kawashima, coffee is more than an art - it's the science behind brewing that has hooked her interests and resulted in her success.

Wellington Mayor Tory Whanau - who takes a trim cappuccino from her favourite Egmont St Eatery - also weighed in on the erasure, conceding maybe the issue is a bit political.

"I think we've got a bit of marketing to do, a bit of PR, which I am more than happy [to do] and council will be doing a lot of really fun marketing, as well as Wellington NZ, so we'll make sure to include our coffee culture as part of that."

But it turns out our righteous outrage was not in vain.

On the ranking site, a note has now been added by Tambia, saying they had heard from "passionate coffee drinkers in New Zealand that were shocked Wellington didn't make the list".

It said the results were "not for lack of amazing coffee, vibrant coffee shops or skilled baristas" but rather limited data, timeframe - and New Zealanders possibly not shouting out their local enough online.

The site used TikTok, Instagram and TripAdvisor to arrive at its top destinations.

Tambia has now asked people to get in touch with their favourite Kiwi coffee shops so they can feature them.