UK fitness coach Joe Wicks shocks fans with picture of his infant daughter hanging off monkey bars

A man looking at a baby hanging off monkey bars
UK fitness coach Joe Wicks has been criticised for sharing a picture of his infant child hanging off monkey bars. Photo credit: @thebodycoach / Instagram

UK fitness coach Joe Wicks has been slated for a photo which appeared to show his infant daughter hanging on a monkey bar with both hands at a beach in Santa Monica, California.

Wicks shared the shot of seven-month-old Leni hanging off the bar with his 4.6 million Instagram followers on Tuesday (NZ time), alongside several other snaps documenting his family holiday. 

However, the photo of Leni clutching what appears to be a training bar with both hands - while dressed in a onesie and beanie - has prompted anger from a number of Wicks' followers, with many expressing concern for the baby's safety. 

"That's worse than Michael Jackson with his baby dangling by one arm over the balcony," one declared, with another adding: "Is it safe for her shoulders and joints to hang onto bars supporting her own weight like that?" 

"Is that even possible - a baby that age being able to hang from monkey bars?" another asked, with a fourth commenting: "JESUS, is the first pic Photoshopped?"

However, some offered their support to the fitness coach, who grew his workout brand globally during the pandemic.

"That's a strong baby right there," one said, with another adding: "Baby's natural reaction is to hold on tight, they all do it don't they?" 

"That first picture of Leni is amazing! You need to recreate that every year!" another urged Wicks. 

Wicks has yet to respond to the controversy the snap has stirred. 

In March 2020, during the height of the pandemic, Wicks managed to raise nearly $400,000 for the UK's National Health Service through his YouTube channel, The Body Coach TV by Joe Wicks.