British mum reveals how people react to her son's 'bonkers' name

Chesney Leigh Wright and her son Boye
Photo credit: Chesney Leigh Wright via The Sun

The world is home to some controversial names - New Zealand's annual list of names that were legally declined is proof enough - but one mother in the UK says her son's unusual name sees her regularly "trolled by pensioners". 

The British mum-of-two has spoken out about the range of reactions she receives upon revealing her three-year-old son's "love it or hate it" forename: Boye. 

Speaking to The Sun, Chesney Leigh Wright, 26, admitted people often "lose the plot" when they first hear the "bonkers" moniker she picked for her second child.  

'Boye' particularly confuses the older generation, Wright told the outlet, revealing she is frequently "trolled by pensioners" over the name.

"When they find out what I called him they tell me I am bonkers and crazy and that I should give him a real name," she told The Sun. 

"When he was born and we started using his name I loved it. It suits him perfectly and I legally registered it without complaints, even if people do call it 'Britain's maddest name'," she added.

Boye, who was born in November 2019, also has the middle name Lei - with Wright acknowledging she and her ex-partner, Boye's father, wanted an "unusual and memorable" title for their child. 

"The nurses at the hospital were shocked, declaring they'd delivered lots of boys but never had one named 'Boye'," she recalled. "You either love it or hate it."

The 26-year-old admitted that even her own mother urged her to change the name at first, but has since become a fan.  

Wright added that one of the most common reactions is whether she'd name a daughter 'Girl' to match. However, her daughter and eldest child's name is Erielle Leigh, a blend of the names Ariel and Elijah.