Jennifer Garner wishes she kept iconic 13 Going on 30 dress

Jennifer Garner in the iconic Versace dress for 13 Going on 30.
Jennifer Garner in the iconic Versace dress for 13 Going on 30. Photo credit: Columbia Pictures

Jennifer Garner says she has no idea what became of the iconic multi-coloured dress she wore as Jenna Rink in the classic 2004 rom-com, 13 Going on 30.

The Dallas Buyers Club actress, 51, famously wore the striped number for a scene in which her character performs an impromptu dance to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller', with the dress in question enjoying a resurgence in relevance over the last few years due to recreations of the look on TikTok.

But while the dress - look five from Versace's Spring 2003 show in a different colourway - remains popular among fans, Garner revealed in an interview for Glamour that the fate of the outfit is unknown. 

"Here's a crazy fact - this dress, I didn't keep it. It didn't go anywhere, it just went into a warehouse," she told Glamour

"Nobody knew it was going to be a big deal. Who knows where it ended up? Sadly, I don't have it."

However, Garner noted that fans of the dress can see it in action as a  "background player" in old episodes of Sex and the City.

Elsewhere in the chat, the star credited customer designer Susie DeSanto with dreaming up 13 Going on 30's iconic ensembles. 

"She has such a beautiful sense of character, of colour, of fun, of fashion, and she brought all of that into play on 13 Going on 30," she continued. 

"Anything I could have dreamed, she dreamed bigger, and anything that I could have wanted she had that plus 10 better options in every fitting. So, we just had a blast together."

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