Meet the Australian woman who found she was pregnant while in labour

An Australian woman who found out she was pregnant during labour says her 3-week-old baby is "the most natural thing that's ever come to me".

Ashlee Wilson, from Perth, woke to "pains I couldn't explain" on the night she went into labour, after months of what she thought was bloating.

"My body just felt like it was turning inside out literally. A lot of crying a lot of screaming, just a lot of questions in my head like 'what the heck is going on right now?'"

Wilson told AM she was in "true denial" her being pregnant could even be an option and said the initial part of her labour she spent alone, which she described as scary.

"I was alone and it was dark and again my body was just doing things that I've never felt before, so not knowing who to call and not really thinking things through, I was just in panic mode."

Wilson decided to call the local ambulance service.

Paramedic and midwife Melissa Gardiner joined Wilson on AM and said the original job came through on the night Wilson went into labour was abdominal pain.

But Gardiner said once she opened the door into the ambulance she knew Wilson wasn't just experiencing abdominal pain. 

"I looked at the guy who I was working with and I was like, 'She actually sounds like she's in labour.'"

Gardiner said her colleague laughed her suggestion off but she was adamant Wilson was in labour. 

"It's the first thing I said to Ashlee, 'Is there any chance you're pregnant?' And she was like, 'Nope.'"

Gardiner said she managed to finally convince Wilson she was in fact in labour and formulated a plan on how they were going to deliver her baby, Marly-Rae.

"Not too long later Marly-Rae went the full hog and decided that she could do a better job of her convincing her."

Wilson said all that was running through her mind was "I have a baby".

"It was just a shock that I had a baby in my hands that had just come out of my stomach that I didn't know about."

Gardiner told AM Wilson's experience isn't an unusual one for women to go through and is what's called a crypto pregnancy.

"Basically they can still have the normal functions that go on that can almost trick you while you're pregnant."

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