Tip of the iceberg: Phallic-shaped iceberg off Canada makes waves online

  • 02/05/2023
The phallic-shaped ice berg
The phallic berg has prompted hilarity online. Photo credit: Facebook / Ken Pretty

An unusually shaped iceberg has been found bobbing not far from the town of Dildo, Canada. 

Photographer Ken Pretty spotted the iceberg and shared it online, where it is getting laughs across the globe.

Dubbed 'Dickie Berg', the block of ice is around 30 feet tall and was found bobbing off the east coast of Newfoundland.  

"Looking from the land, it wasn't quite clear," Pretty told The Guardian. "But once I got the drone out there, it was unreal how much it looked like, well, you know."

Pretty, who is coincidentally from the town of Dildo in Newfoundland and Labrador, told the outlet many people presumed the image was fake.

"They think it’s photoshopped and all that," he said. "I can tell you - it's real."

The image has already been shared thousands of times across the internet, with people poking fun at its striking resemblance to a part of the male anatomy.

"Well, we'll know whose to blame if a bunch of baby icebergs start popping up in the Atlantic," one joked.

"That's some hard ice," wrote another, with a third adding: "Not that size matters, but that's huge."

During spring, bergs are commonly found along Newfoundland's east coast as the ice breaks away from Greenland's ice shelf. 

The berg was photographed on Thursday but unfortunately, collapsed the following day.

"It's all in good fun," Pretty told The Guardian. "If this berg can put a smile on people's faces, it's all worth it."