Westpac Chopper Appeal: Four crew members on how they work together as a team on rescue missions

It's Chopper Street Appeal month and Westpac staff around the country are shaking buckets to raise money for the nationwide network of rescue helicopters.

The rescue Choppers have played a key role in recent severe weather events around the country, winching stranded people to safety, transporting supplies and providing a lifeline to cut off communities. Every second counts in these situations, so having crews ready to respond with expert care helps save lives around the country every day.

You never know when you might need to be rescued. It could be during a sudden major weather event like we've seen so far this year, or simply an accident or medical emergency in our day-to-day lives.

Donations help ensure crews have adequate rescue equipment, medical supplies and training to ensure the best possible outcome in life-threatening situations.

You can donate to the Westpac Chopper Appeal here

Article created in partnership with Westpac NZ.