Why men should pee seated rather than standing, according to a urologist

Stock image of man standing with his pants around his ankles. Photo credit: Getty Images

When it comes to peeing, there are plenty of ways men can go wrong: terrible aim, not cleaning up after said poor aim, forgetting to put the toilet seat down - oh, the joys of living with blokes. 

But according to a top urologist, men are also getting it wrong when it comes to how they pee - with the expert arguing men should be taking a slash seated rather than standing.

According to Dr Gerald Collins, a urological surgeon at the Alexandra Hospital in Cheshire, northwest England, sitting down is not only more hygienic, but better for bladder health. 

In my experience with men, sitting down is considered something of a special treat, so this might be welcome news for blokes everywhere sick of standing wees - and outdated societal tropes that standing is 'masculine' and sitting is 'feminine'. 

Dr Collins made the claim after a report into male urination practices, 'Where in the world are men most likely to sit down to wee?', by the UK market research company YouGov was released on Friday. 

The data analytics firm surveyed more than 7000 men from 13 countries, determining the majority of people with penises still prefer to stand while doing a number one.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the country with the highest percentage of men who said they sit down to empty their bladders "every time" was Germany, coming in at 40 percent, with only 10 percent saying they "never" do. Conversely, only 5 percent said they opt to sit "every time" in Singapore, while Mexico had the least number of tushes touching the toilet seat, with 36 percent of respondents saying they "never" sit down to wee. 

While New Zealand wasn't included in the survey, our mates across the ditch were: while 25 percent of respondents said they sit "every time", 27 percent said they "never" bring their butt to the toilet, indicating a pretty even split. 

Where in the world are men most likely to sit down to wee data
Where in the world are men most likely to sit down to wee? Photo credit: YouGov

In an interview with The Telegraph late last week, Dr Collins said more men should be putting their cheeks against the china, arguing it's the "most efficient way" to wee. 

The urologist explained that sitting ensures the muscles in the pelvis and spine are completely relaxed, making it easier to completely empty the bladder.

A report from 2014 also backs Dr Collins' argument, with research from the Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands finding that sitting could make it easier for the bladder to empty itself faster and more efficiently, leaving less urine behind than standing.

Man sitting on the toilet with pants around ankles and phone in hand
Seated peeing should no longer be considered a special treat, according to a urologist. Photo credit: Getty Images

It's particularly beneficial for elderly men to sit down to urinate, given that benign prostatic hyperplasia - more commonly known as an enlarged prostate - becomes increasingly common in older age, Dr Collins added.

However, the survey found older men are typically more opposed to sitting down than their younger counterparts, potentially due to the outdated notion that it's more 'masculine' to pee standing up. For example, despite Germany having the highest proportion of seated peeing, there is also a local term - "sitzpinkler" - used to deride someone who sits rather than stands, implying they are 'effeminate'. 

Come on, people, it's 2023. Let's spread the joy of seated peeing to everyone.