AM host Ryan Bridge grills activist on PETA's war against wool

  • 22/06/2023

PETA has announced it's settings its sights on wool and leather products, aiming to make them as unacceptable in society as fur.

The animal rights group has revealed it wants to make the products as undesirable as possible, claiming they have massive environmental impacts most people aren't aware of. 

"Among animals, sheep are second only to cows when it comes to the production of the greenhouse gas methane," PETA has said.

"The huge flocks of sheep bred in the wool industry produce enormous amounts of manure, which pollutes the water, land and air."

AM co-host Ryan Bridge asked PETA spokesperson Emily Rice if the group was recommending "we kill or cull sheep and beef" as an alternative.

"You're putting the argument up, Emily, that these things are doing harm to our planet, so is PETA - the animal rights group - suggesting that we kill animals? What exactly do you want?… It's not making much sense," Bridge told Rice.

Rice said PETA didn't want to kill livestock but instead "stop breeding them into farms".

She said animals being used for meat and wool needed to stop being brought "into existence".

"That's the first step and, obviously, we don't expect any of these things to happen overnight," Rice said. "We expect there to be transitional times.

"We just need to, for the planet's sake and animal's sake, need to start those transitions and it isn't enough to put it in the 'too hard basket'."

Rice went on to say the world needed to look "for solutions on how we transition animals out".

Emily Rice speaking to Ryan Bridge.
Emily Rice speaking to Ryan Bridge. Photo credit: AM

Earlier in the interview, speaking to Bridge's co-host Laura Tupou, Rice took aim at the merino industry and said, "There are alternatives that perform just as well."

"I went to Norway a couple of years ago, I didn't have a scrap of animal product - I was in the middle of the Arctic circle under the Northern Lights in the middle of winter.

"Materials made of plants - things like hemp and cotton - perform really well surprisingly, it's more about how you knit them.

"On the leather side, you've got so many plant leathers now; mushrooms and apples and coffee and cactus leaves."

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