Frustrated resident threatens to Vaseline neighbour's car after parking space row

A photo of the note
It's not known how the feud played out. Photo credit:

A fed-up resident has threatened their neighbour with an act of cheeky revenge after they stole their reserved car park. 

The owner of the car park left a note on their neighbour's vehicle, warning they would take revenge if they parked in the spot again. 

"The parking spot you are occupying is reserved for me. I have photographed your licence plate, but have not called for the tow truck... this time," the note, shared by, read.

"Next time, I will Vaseline your door handles and wiper blades and THEN call the tow truck. Sound fair. Right. Enjoy your close call tonight."

It's not known whether the driver heeded the warning, or if the car was indeed subjected to the Vaseline attack. 

A photo of the note
Photo credit:

This isn't the first time a motorist has taken their frustrations into their own hands. 

A homeowner wrapped their neighbour's car in cellophane after their vehicle blocked his driveway for more than a day. 

Thankfully, the driver took it in good spirits - and said they wouldn't park their car there again. 

"She was very apologetic. She said, 'Very funny' - and said she won't park there again," Tobe Bailey said, according to The Mirror. 

"It only took her a few minutes to take the wrap off and her car was cleaner after because of it," he added.