How to keep your vision sharp while driving

New research conducted by Specsavers has revealed that Kiwis aren't taking the necessary steps to keep themselves and others safe on the road, dismissing the tell-tale signs that they might have problems with their eyesight.

  • 71 percent of Kiwis have had issues seeing road signs while driving

  • A further 20 percent admit to having had issues seeing traffic lights

  • 16 percent said they've missed zebra crossings

  • Almost 50 percent of people between the ages for 35 to 64 have not had an eye test in the past five years

Even seemingly minor eye health problems can compromise vision leaving people unable to safely identify road signs, markings, and even see their own dashboard speedometer. Poor winter weather, including heavy rain, sunstrike and snow-blindness can make for even more challenging conditions for those with impaired vision. 

Specsavers Optometrist David Aldridge explains. 

Article created in partnership with Specsavers.