Kiwi influencer stops sharing money-saving hacks as cost of living crisis becomes too dire

As the cost of living crisis unfolds, one New Zealand social media influencer says she no longer gives tips or hacks about saving money because the situation is just too dire. 

Krystine Nation, a comedian and influencer known as Real Life WifeNZ, made a name for herself by often sharing cooking and shopping advice for a big family - but now those days are over.

"It's become a trend and it's a weird trend where rich people dress up as struggling people and try and teach them how to shop," Nation told The Project.

The mum of five said there is already so much pressure on families that are struggling to then be told that "you can do it" and "this is how".

"When you are struggling for the basics, how do you go lower than the basics?" she said.

Food prices were 12.5 percent higher in April this year compared to 2022. The soaring prices have resulted in demand for New Zealand's city missions and food banks tripling in recent years.

"I've got to the point where we can't really offer anyone any tips and tricks to reduce down the cost. We now need to wait for someone to fix our environment," Nation said.

"There's nothing left that we can do."

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