AM hosts Ryan Bridge, Laura Tupou in hysterics over candid underwear admission

A 'brief' admission live on-air had AM's hosts in hysterics on Tuesday morning, with Laura Tupou revealing she had accidentally put on a pair of too-small underwear - and was suffering the consequences.

Ahead of an ad break, Ryan Bridge cheekily announced that Tupou had a "wardrobe issue" that needed addressing, causing his visibly embarrassed co-host to cover her face with her notecard. 

"I thought I'd just drop the little seed and then we'll see where it goes," Bridge chuckled as Tupou put her face in her hands. 

"Everyone wants to know what my wardrobe problem is," she said, to which Bridge replied: "I think people will relate to this - I relate to it! [But] you don't have to do it, we can move on."

Fanning her face, Tupou began: "You know how sometimes you go shopping and you shop for the size you think you are - not the size you are."

"Yeah, I've done that," Bridge said.

"I made the mistake of buying some underwear," she continued, causing both to dissolve into fits of giggles.

"Now it's cutting off the circulation to her legs," Bridge went on, cackling maniacally as Tupou began tearing up with laughter.

"I put the wrong pair on, I can't sit - it's so uncomfortable!" she said.

"I know the feeling, it happens to me. I've got about seven pairs of underwear from when I had a skinny bum, and now I've got a booty on me - you can't go near them," Bridge weighed in.

"You need a warning label - these are your sexy knickers, these are your comfy ones."

As the two continued to giggle, Bridge effortlessly segued into the next segment - a story, incidentally, on bubble tea.

"From bubble butts to bubble tea, William [Waiirua] - what is in bubble tea?"

Watch the video above.