Burger King Thailand shocks customers with 'revolting' new burger, 'The Real Cheeseburger'

The Real Cheeseburger with tweet imposed over the top
The cheeseburger is controversial. Photo credit: Burger King / Twitter

If someone were to ask me, 'How much cheese is too much?' while sprinkling parmesan on my pasta, my answer would be, "The limit does not exist" - but in some scenarios, maybe there can be too much of a good thing.

Which brings us to, The Real Cheeseburger - a new item on Burger King's menu in Thailand. The creation - which features 20 slices of American cheese sandwiched between a bun, sans meat or condiments - has taken the internet by storm this week, with the baffled and the brave turning up in their droves to sample the burger.

Taking to its social media over the weekend, Burger King revealed its latest menu addition was "for real", promising a meal that is "full of flavour for those who love cheese". Questionable. 

The Real Cheeseburger, which launched on Sunday at a reduced price of 109 Thai baht (NZ$5) compared with the usual price of 380 baht ($17.50), has since been subjected to some seriously bad reviews on the likes of TikTok and Twitter, where unsatisfied customers have described their attempts at finishing the "revolting" creation. 

In one review for Lifestyle Asia, a reporter admitted he could only stomach two mouthfuls before "chucking it into the bin".

"It is horrid… it was as revolting as you thought it would be: dry, a shock to the digestive system, and literally a thousand calories worth of unnecessary processed cheese. That's another thing: for something called the 'Real Cheeseburger', there's nothing real about any of the cheese here," he wrote, noting that the only thought process he could see behind the burger was the "viral aspect".

"Perhaps they just have a surplus of cheese lying around. Perhaps they just hate us."

Thai travel guide and blogger, Richard Barrow, also revealed on Twitter that he "struggled eating even half of this 'burger'."

Meanwhile in Thailand, self-confessed cheese connoisseur and IT engineer Im Jeepetch told CNN in-store that she tried the burger after seeing it on social media, but even for her it was "a bit too much".

"I could only finish half of it. This is an insane amount of cheese added into one burger. Food is good when things are at the right combination," she said, while fellow diner Alisa Chuengviroj told CNN it was "too intense".

"I may not try it again. I like a few slices of cheese in my burger but not this much."

At one Burger King branch in Bangkok on Tuesday (local time), a shift manager was overheard saying the outlet had to stop taking delivery orders so they could have enough stock left for walk-in diners, CNN reported.