Cher teams up Auckland's Giapo to launch Cherlato gelato truck

Cherlato gelato truck in background, image of Giapo ice-cream in a cup and Cher holding an ice-cream cone in foreground
Photo credit: Photo illustration - Newshub; Images - Supplied

While touring Auckland in 2018, international icon Cher stopped by the artisan gelato shop Giapo for an ice cream fix and was so enamoured by the unique flavours, she declared it the best she'd ever tasted. 

Now five years later, the Goddess of Pop herself has teamed up with Giapo's owner and head chef, Gianpaolo 'Giapo' Grazioli - whom she proclaimed the "Michelangelo of Gelato" - to bring a taste of Auckland's culinary scene to the City of Angels. 

'Cherlato', a new mobile gelato truck, is set to arrive on the streets of Los Angeles for the first time on July 28, introducing Angelenos to the famous gelato from Gore St.

Made fresh daily with seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, the gelatos will span Giapo's staple recipes as well as new concoctions inspired by LA's diverse culture, including  'Snap Out of It! Kefir & Cardamom', 'Breakfast at Cher's Coffee & Donuts', 'Chocolate XO Cher', 'Stracciatella Giapo's Way', the vegan 'LA, I Love you', and 'SoCal's Coldest Avocado on Toast' - a daring dessert featuring avocado and breadcrumbs. 

In a statement, the 77-year-old 'Believe' songstress doubled-down on her love of Giapo gelato, calling it "the gelato that gets you out of bed at midnight". 

The Cherlato gelato truck
The Cherlato gelato truck will carry Giapo's famous gelato, made fresh daily with seasonal ingredients. Photo credit: Supplied

"It's no secret that I absolutely love ice cream and gelato. When I tasted Giapo's gelato while on tour in Auckland, New Zealand, it was the best I'd ever had," Cher said. "When I returned to his store the next day he had each flavour prepared for me to taste. I loved them all. Giapo is truly the Michelangelo of Gelato.

"It's been a long five-year process getting my favourite gelato home to LA, but I can say it's well worth it."

Two examples of Cherlato's gelato side by side
The gelatos on offer will span Giapo's classics as well as new creations inspired by LA. Photo credit: Supplied

Italian-born Grazioli said he "couldn't be more thrilled" to partner with the star, with whom he shares a deep passion for gelato and "mutual commitment to quality and authenticity". 

"I couldn't be more thrilled to partner with her in bringing the unparalleled taste of freshly made, locally sourced, artisan gelato to Los Angeles. It is fun and delicious just the way we like it," he added.

The Cherlato truck will change locations daily and can be tracked via its website or on social media. 

Gianpaolo Grazioli (Giapo)
Gianpaolo Grazioli (Giapo) has teamed up with the hitmaker to bring his famous gelato to LA. Photo credit: Supplied

Grazioli and his wife, Annarosa, launched Giapo 15 years ago hoping to reinvent gelato with unique, innovative creations that made a departure from the typical American-style ice-cream on offer in New Zealand.